Top Tips: 5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Activewear.

Updated: May 9, 2020

You can NEVER have too much active wear!

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Most of us like to look great in our casual clothes, so why not in the gym too?!

However there is nothing worse, than having to part with your favourite gym gear after what feels like five minutes, because it's not holding it's shape any more, or it has adopted a strange smell....

Here at Octavia Activewear, we have 5 ways, to get the most out of your active wear!

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If there is one active wear faux pas, many people commit, it's washing their active wear with a fabric conditioner. While they make your bed linen smell fresh and soft to the touch, they wreak havoc on the fibres of active wear materials.

Active wear is made from smart materials such as polyester & spandex, lycra and rayon. All of these, in some form/combination make for great, sweat-wicking, breathable materials perfect for getting hot and sweaty in.

However when washed with fabric conditioner it coats the fibres in a waxy residue, designed to be water resistant so that is clings on throughout the wash and leaves your clothes feeling super soft. Sadly, this residue essentially blocks the pores of the fabric, locking in the scent of your hard workout, instead of washing it away and leaving it smelling like a summers breeze. In a battle of silky soft VS zesty fresh, i think I know which side I'll choose!

To keep your gym gear smelling pleasant, leave the conditioner in the cupboard and just wash with detergent.


We all know the saying 'less is more' and when washing your active wear, this couldn't be more accurate, although it may sound counter-intuitive. Many people associate more bubbles with being more clean, but in order for the detergent to really penetrate and clean the fabric, around half the ordinary measure will be more than sufficient.

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It's easy to put a load on and forget about it when you have a busy lifestyle, but the last thing you need is musty, mouldy active wear lingering in your washing machine. Stick it through a quick eco-friendly wash and hang it up/out to dry once it's done. Not only will your clothes smell extra fresh, even without the fabric conditioner.

It's also best to avoid that tumble dryer, despite the quick convenience. The heat with break down the elasticity of the fabric and leave you with out of shape loose clothing.

Your wallet will thank you, not only will you save pennies by not needing to replace those clothes so often, but on electricity too, GO YOU!


White Squat Proof Gym Leggings UK

Those handy pads that hide any nippy occasions, have a rough ride if put through the washing machine; there's nothing more annoying, than whipping your favourite sports bra out, having to fight to get your fingers in those teeny-tiny holes, to straighten them out and if you don't, they end up with strange looking creases and all comfort goes out the window.

Remove them, rinse by hand and leave to dry flat - I can't guarantee the fight to get them back in will be any easier, but they'll last a lot longer!


After regular use, it's not unusual for your favourite white gym top to become discoloured in those underarm areas, or if your like me, smack bang in the middle, from using it as a sweat towel (I have a sweat towel, I forget it, get sweaty and my top is the next best thing!).

Use a little baking power, with warm water to make a thin paste, grab an old toothbrush and lightly brush onto any stained areas. Repeat until all problem areas are covered, allow it to soak in for around an hour and wash as normal (WITHOUT FABRIC CONDITIONER).

For extra whitening power; put the clothes in the sun when soaking in the baking powder paste, add a little distilled white vinegar to the wash and get them back out in the sun to air dry.

Your clothes will be blindingly white, you'll save money AGAIN on replacing your activewear, or bleaches that are harmful to the fabric and the environment - WIN WIN!

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