Top 5 MISTAKES you're making when buying gym leggings.

Finding the perfect workout leggings can be tough, I know I've bought my fair share of cool-looking leggings, that fall down, go see through and even fall apart, eep! Here are my top 5 mistakes, that I know I've made in the past and how to avoid them when purchasing new items.

"Not all leggings are created equal."

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1. Are they SEE-THROUGH?

The last thing you need when you're about to work out, is the realisation that actually your new favourite gym leggings are giving everyone a peep show of your undies. Especially if you aren't even exercising yet.

The squat test is a MUST.

Whether you purchased them online, or in a shop, get yourself in front of a mirror, assume the squat position and check out your tushie.

If the first test is inconclusive, head to another location in your house/shop; try a few more stretches and lunges in different lighting, whilst drawing as little attention to yourself as possible....

(only if you're in a shop though, if your at home, go all out, HA)

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2. Do they hide the inevitable, SWEATY CROTCH?

Yep, I said it sweaty crotch. We all sweat, it's quite normal, but if it makes you feel uncomfortable, having leggings that emphasize it can't quite frankly ruin your workout.

After several years of dancing in leggings that were NOT made for sporting activities, I

can happily tell you that cheap and cheerful black leggings may make your derriere look fantastic, but they are not flattering once you work up a sweat.

To avoid the uncomfortable 'I look like I've wet myself' look, opt for a moisture wicking material with four-way stretch.

Some of the most popular fabric combinations you'll see are;

- Polyester & Lycra/Spandex

- Nylon & Lycra/Spandex

- Lycra/Spandex & Rayon


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Not all workout wear is created for the same purpose, especially when it comes