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Long gone are the days when we longed for a flatter bum and to be a skinny as possible, women everywhere are embracing their shape and those who weren't born with rolling curves are working their butts off (no booty pun intended!) to create more shape.

The ever growing trend on Instagram of showing what your mama gave you, or what you've been squatting and hip-thrusting away to grow is abundant... and I'm not afraid to say I too am one of those girls


BUT amongst all the hype surrounding having a big peachy bottom, improving the strength of the posterior chain, inclusive of your glutes is more important than you may think!


Ok so maybe you aren't after a Beyonce booty, but you do enjoy training at the gym; whether it be for your all round performance, or general fitness, building upon your glute strength through basic compound exercises should definitely be a part of your training.

Squat proof leggings

We all know that the secret to great balance, posture and day to day movement, relies on our core strength. However the glutes are often forgotten about, it's not until you experience some kind of lower back, hip, knee, ankle or even foot issues that it is thought about...

Your glutes are the anchor of stability for the alignment of your pelvis and weakness in this area can cause mayhem in the surrounding joints and muscles.

If you've ever experienced discomfort in the knees during squats, there are a couple of simple technique fixes that could prevent it;

1) Once at the lowest point of your squat active push the knees outwards this will slightly activate your glutes and stop you from getting a 'knock knee' wobble on the way back up.

2) As you begin to push back up from the squat, squeeze the glutes a little tighter until you are into a standing position.

Octavia Activewear squat proof leggings

These two small improvements in technique cause your glutes to fully activate during the exercise and this in turn will hold your legs in better alignment (knees should point in the same direction as your toes).*

Our entire day to day activities such as walking, bending forwards, sitting and standing truly rely on having strong, active glutes, it really is so much more than just aesthetic pleasure!

My top 5 FAVOURITE glute strengthening exercise are;

1) Hip Thrusts

2) Glute Bridges

3) Deadlifts

4) Kettlebell Swings

5) Walking Lunges

Octavia Activewear squat proof white leggings

If you love all things, glute growing and strength building, you need the best, most squat proof leggings to accompany your workout! Check out our range of sweat proof, squat proof and fuss free gym leggings at Octavia Activewear!


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*Always bare in mind that some discomfort can be caused by poor mobility/flexibility so it is always advisable to seek advice on technique from a personal trainer, or even an osteopath for persistent pain/discomfort.

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