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It's 12pm your ravenous and all you've got to eat...or should I say drink it some seductively branded 'weight-loss, fat burning, metabolism boosting' shake.

How many times have you found yourself in this situation? Dreaming of all the junk food under the sun, but in the name of being slimmer, you MUST persevere...

Let's be honest we've probably all fallen for it at one point or another and how long did it last before you caved in and reached for the nearest sugary, salty, calorie dense foods?

These kinds of diets set us up for failure because they aren't sustainable, at some point we have to stop and start eating 'normally' again.

Fad Diet by definition:

'A fad diet or diet, is a diet that makes promises of weight loss or other health advantages such as; longer life, without backing by solid science, and in many cases are characterized by highly restrictive or unusual food choices.

Celebrity endorsements are frequently used to promote fad diets, which may generate significant revenue for the creators from the sale of associated products.'

The 9 times out of 10 the online, and instore best selling workout plans, DVD's and diet books are ones endorsed by celebrities, beckoning you to get slim and drop dress sizes just like they did.

There's no doubt they look fantastic, but how much do they know about health, nutrition, fitness and more importantly... You?

All too often we go looking for an easy way to lose some weight, how quickly can we do it,? What pill, potion, or shake should we take?

The answer?


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There is no shortcut to true health and fitness, you have to really want it and work hard for it and if the only reason you are losing weight is to chase a number on the scales, I say throw the scales in the bin!

I spent many years, not knowing how to achieve the body I wanted. I would desperately try to cut back on calories, eating unappetising salads on a tea plate, or replacing meals with some kind of 'slimming' shake.

Only to end up so hangry that I would drive to the shop to specifically buy and eat multiple 'family sharing' bags of chocolate, or ice cream.

For a long time I worked as a waitress, I would work awkward hours and instead of preparing meals I would, get home late and order large takeaway pizza, or KFC by myself. With a side of a 'fat metaboliser/burner' tablets in a desperate attempt to try and avoid any weight gain, and make myself feel better about the junk food I was eating. In reality all I got was often horrendous stomach cramps and diarrhea.

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I'm sure if you're still reading this now, it may sound familiar and you will agree, living like that just makes you miserable!

Food can only fill a void for a moment, but it's not until your really start to look after yourself, that you can start to appreciate the hard work you have put in to look and feel the way you do.

A diet pill can never give you the endorphin rush that a morning workout brings, to kick start your day and fill it with positivity.

Nourishing your body with food that it can digest easily and energise you beats that sluggish, bloated feeling after a heavy takeaway.

The side effect of these things? You look better, feel more confident and can be proud of what you have done for yourself.

You deserve better than to yo-yo diet all your life!

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> Catapulting from one restrictive fad diet that makes you unhappy.

> Losing weight and feeling somewhat happier.

> Stopping/giving up on that 'diet'.

> Returning to old eating habits.

> Regaining the weight you lost, because the changes made were unsustainable.

> Cue further dislike for yourself and the way you feel and look.


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Life is made for LIVING and not for restrictive unhealthy, nutrient lacking diets.

Fill your plate with whole foods and plants and ENJOY eating.

Exercise often, find what works for you in BALANCE, no two people have the same goals.

If someone else is on a health and fitness journey, build them up, praise their EFFORTS, surrounding yourself with people who are striving to be better will make you want to do the same.

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