Beginners Guide To | Gym Etiquette

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So you've taken the leap, you've signed up to the gym and your bubbling over with motivation... but what now?

Joining the gym, bettering your health and fitness is a super positive thing, so we wanted to give you the inside scoop to a few universal gym rules that should be known when entering the gym.

If you want to know how to avoid stepping on anyone's toes, looking like a complete newbie, or getting yourself in an awkward situation...Here's our beginners guide to gym etiquette.

1. Wipe down your machines

Absolutely the number one rule of gym etiquette. Wiping down equipment you have used not only makes the gym a happier place ,but also keeps you safe and healthy!

After you finish using a machine or bench, wipe off your sweat using your sweat towel - some gyms will provide cleaning clothes or paper and antibacterial spray (if you drip on the floor wipe that up too... no one wants to slip into your sweat drops!).

Stale sweat is unhygienic for many reasons and just plain gross! This will also save the next gym member from having to clean up your sweat before using the equipment and prevents the spread of germs.

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2. Avoid hogging machines

If the gym is busy this is an important one, there's nothing worse than the person who sits and text in between their sets, instead of letting other gym users work in between, while they are resting. Try not to be that person, be aware of other people and hopefully they will do the same for you. A great way to save time in the gym is to superset exercises (performing two exercises back to back) and if the gym is particularly busy it can get you in, out and done in efficient time.

3. Put your weights back.

Every gym users ultimate bug bear, if you can get weights and equipment out you can PUT.IT.BACK. If you're new to the gym you'll be unlikely to rack up 200kg on the deadlift platform...but you can guarantee there's someone that will and all too often they leave it behind. like a stamp of their ego. If you're unlucky enough to encounter such weight, you'll know what an inconvenience it is to try and de-load before being able to start your workout.

While there are staff that work at the gym to keep you safe and happy, it's not their job to tidy up after you, and no, leaving plates and dumbbells NEXT to the rack DOESN'T COUNT as putting them back.