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Lets talk about gym leggings with pockets at Octavia Activewear.

Gym leggings with pockets Octavia Activewear

Gym leggings with pockets isn't a new thing, most running leggings have a small pocket, usually large enough for a house key, or maybe a small amount of cash/credit card and ordinarily they have a zip fastening to secure said items. However if you're like me you interchange your workout wear, I need multi-functional activewear and this is where our Allure Leggings with pockets, or what we like to call 'Invisipockets' come in!

Gym leggings with pockets, or activewear with zip pockets are great until you wear them to yoga, lie down, hug your knees into your chest and.... OUCH!! You just rolled over that 'handy' little pocket and crushed the zip into your sacrum, which quite frankly feels like you may well have chipped the bone! (Not that I'm dramatic mind you).

Yoga tight with pockets Octvia Activewera

The Allure leggings have two large, flat seamed pocket, which run down either side of the side of the quads, before meeting our beautiful, breathable, knitted panel.

The pockets are big enough to slip your phone in, (snugly fitting an Iphone 6 Plus, 8 Plus, X etc.) the material has moderate compression to stop things easily falling out, even without a zip. This means there is no disruption in the flow of design from a horizontal zip, keeping you looking as sleek as your leggings feel.

This is also why we named them 'Invisipockets' because they are practically invisible!

Gym leggings with pockets Octavia Activewear

Why do you need gym leggings with pockets?

No matter where you're exercising, having minimal items to carry round is a must.

Our workout essentials consist of;

Water bottle



House key (If exercising/running outdoors)

While headphone are usually on our head and the water bottle in hand, it's so much easier if you don't have to juggle your phone and keys too. Slipping them straight into our Invisipockets reduces the risk of them being, left behind and lost, or dropped and broken.

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