How To Get a Smaller Waist


Genetically you have a natural waist size and if it is already at it's smallest, you cannot make it smaller. The only thing a waist trainer is going to do, is train you how to WASTE your money! Learning to accept your body for the shape that it is and love it for it's uniqueness will not only be a better use of your time, but also good for your peace of mind.

Do waist trainers work?


If you are new to exercising and currently losing weight, your body composition will change over time so the first thing to remember is to stay consistent. Weight loss ebbs and flows, you may make huge changes in your appearance initially, then feel like nothing is changing; but if you are working on strength training as well as cardio, your composition and fat distribution will be changing, even if the number on the scales is not. Pictures and measurements are a great way to track this aside from just jumping on the scales.

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By doing core focused exercises you will make the muscles in the core feel firmer for example;

* planks

* leg raises

* hanging leg/knee raises

* dead bug variations.

See our blog on 'Top 10 Ab Exercises to Burn Belly Fat' to learn more on this!

It is also good to remember that compound movements will also strengthen your core too such as;

* deadlifts

* squats

* push-ups

* pull ups

Other activities like Yoga and Pilates are also great for core activation and use through movements, which will in turn help your mind to muscle connections in other aspects of exercise.

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In body building women focus on building muscle mass in the shoulders, upper back, glutes and legs. This is usually referred to as the X shape by making those areas larger in size and more shapely, it creates the illusion that your waist is smaller. When in actual fact it is the same size and the benefits of building more muscle mass? More calories burned at rest and being generally stronger!

With that being said I am by no means saying you need to become a body builder, bikini girl, or physique athlete. But making sure you work on those areas will help you create more of the shape you are after.

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Always strive to create a stronger, healthier body to live in, aim for progress not perfection.

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