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'Squat Proof Leggings'

You may have heard the term before, it has become popularly used in recent years when describing the quality of gym leggings. Online influencers will often tell you about the fit, feel, sizing and opacity of the leggings.

Squat proof gym leggings UK Octavia ACtivewear

'Squat proof' refers to how sheer the leggings become when stretched to the maximum in a deep squat position. The 'squat test' is usually paired with this term in review videos to prove if the leggings are worth the bang for buck! After all there is nothing more embarrassing than a gym full of people getting an unexpected private viewing of your undies!

How to tell if your leggings are squat proof?

* Squat with your back to a mirror,

* At the lowest point of your squat, have a look over your shoulder at your bum.

* Can you make out the shape/colour of your underwear?

If you can see your underwear, your leggings don't pass the test (BOO!)

If you can't, great news! You are safe to hit the gym, in confidence!

More and more women are weight lifting, strength training and become all round exercise badasses...but that doesn't mean they want to show them to the world!

Squat proof leggings Octavia Activewear

What makes leggings squat proof?

All materials have tiny holes in structure of their fibres, different types of yarns are knitted, or woven together to create the different types of fabrics that we know and love today. The most commonly used fabrics used in activewear are Polyester and Nylon, these are usually used in combination with Elastane/Spandex.

The opacity of the material depends on the thickness and stretch of it, thinner materials have less layers of woven fibres and will become sheer when stretched much more easily than that of a thicker material. However for activewear you need a comfortable balance of thickness and stretch to allow you to move freely, whilst confident that your derriere is covered.

Squat proof leggings UK

You deserve activewear that performs as great as it looks.

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