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There's nothing like that post-workout buzz, you've beasted through your training, really pushed yourself and you're feeling ready to take on the day until.... you catch a glimpse of all your sweaty hard work, like a beacon of damp light, begging for every other humans attention... right in the crotch and butt of your leggings.

sweat proof gym leggings

Sweating during a workout is a given, for some it's no drama, we couldn't care less about how sweaty we are or if it shows. But for others this can literally stop a workout in it's tracks and make going to the gym an unnecessarily uncomfortable event.

sweat proof gym leggings uk

You've probably heard the term 'not all activewear is created equal' and lets face it not all leggings disguise your hard work in the form of subtle sweat patches.

leggings that don't show sweat

Finding your favourite designs that also have sweat-wicking fabric can be tough, but here at Octavia Activewear we put our products through their sweaty paces. They are tried and tested by a variety of women; practising yoga in the cool outdoors, through to crossfit WOD's that leave you looking like you've just hopped out the shower.

sweat proof squat proof leggings

We like to make sure our activewear is everything you need to get you through your workout with no distractions. For us, sweat proof leggings are non negotiable.

Our amazing sweat proof leggings are also high waisted, with medium compression, meaning they are fitted to give you that sleek, slim waist, without reducing your lung capacity, or been so high that they could be tucked into your armpits.

best sweat proof leggings

The fabric is buttery soft, second skin-like to the touch and the sweat wicking capabilities also mean that it will keep you cool all year round. Our sweat proof leggings are perfect for any occasion, whether you're off to pilates, testing your 1 rep maxes, meeting friends post workout for a coffee, or simply wearing them with no intention of even leaving the house!

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