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Do squats make your bum bigger? Well... yes and no.

The squat booty is somewhat of a myth when it comes to growing the size of your derriere! We thought we would help break down this myth and get the real deal on how to grow that booty.

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For a lot of us we are quad dominant in leg exercises, squats are predominantly executed by the quads with the support of the hamstrings and glutes, so the idea that the glutes are being exercised during a squat is correct.

However if you perform a lot of weighted squats, you may find that your thighs begin to grow a lot more than the rest of your legs because of this quad dominance, your glutes may become a firmer alongside this too, but in terms of growth, unless your are genetically predisposed to having larger glutes, they will not necessarily gain size.


The glutes work during a squat as a supporting/secondary muscle. If you want to grow your glutes proportionately to your quads squats can do that, but they will not grow your glutes specifcally, to be larger than is naturally occuring.

For you to grow the glutes, you need compound exercises in which the glutes are the dominant muscle such as;

* Glute Bridges

* Hip Thrusts

* Lunges

* Deadlifts

* RDL's (Russian Deadlifts)

* Bulgarian Split Squats


This term has been thrown around a lot in recent years as the popularity of large glutes grew and what it is referring to, is your mind to muscle connection with your glutes. If you do not know how to make them work...they will not activate as well as they could. A simple trick to getting more glute activation, or any muscle activation for that matter, is to touch the muscle that is contracting.

For example by placing your hands on the glutes whilst performing a body weight, Glute Bridge, you will draw your minds attention to the glute muscles. When you raise your hips from the resting position and squeeze your glutes tight, you will really be able to focus on the feeling of them contracting and then relaxing as your return to your starting position.


Since the rise in popularity of big glutes, fitness influencer workouts spread like wildfire, sharing their favourite 'booty burners' using resistance bands, cable kick-backs and crab walks galore. All of which have their place, but over complicated resistance banded, elevated, body weight glute workouts do not make your muscle building any more efficient.

If anything simplicity is best for growing your glutes, but we also know that sometimes it's fun to throw in a few new exercises, to keep your training interesting. We recommend hitting a few of the staple exercises mentioned previously and then adding some new ones in as an accessory workout to you that final glute burn!


If you want to make your muscles grow, you need to give them a reason to, and body weight isn't enough for the lower body. That's where working with heavier weights and a lower rep range is more beneficial to grow the size of your muscles. Learning how to use free weight and barbells is key, as you can increase weight over time, which with consistent workouts will increase the size of your muscle over time.

When looking to incorporate more weight training into your workouts, I always recommend seeking the professional advice of a personal trainer, as they will be able to coach you through a movement, whilst you are doing it and make sure your form is correct to avoid injury once you start increasing the weight. A personal trainer should also be able to help you figure out how much weight you can lift, to really push yourself and keep progressing.


As a qualified personal trainer I recognise the importance of tracking the progress of my clients, so they can really see that all the hard work they are putting in, is giving them the results they want. You can do this too by taking;

* Progress Pictures

* Measurements - if you want to see glute growth, measure circumfrence at the largest part of your butt.

* Body Composition - body fat and muscle mass ratios.

And finally how your clothes fit, now this one can vary but it's still worth a mental note and a picture! I always remember the day I walked into my favourite shop to try some new jeans and for the first time experiencing the struggle of 'big booty, small waist' lunging in the changing room, to get the right size waist on and having to squeeze them over my butt #bootygoals

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