Top 5 Fitness Influencers | Octavia Activewear

Something all these amazing women have in common, is that they are all kick-ass, entrepreneurial, incredible women that really pave the way showing you can build your own empire and soar in the fitness industry!

They all have a unique take on health and fitness, but one thing they all have in common is that they are down to earth, have captivating personalities that will keep you watching/listening and are so open and honest about their personal fitness journey and experiences.

We could have written a list of women the length of the Great Wall of China, but for now we have picked our all time favourites!

Emily Skye Fit Fitness Influencer

Emily Skye Fit | @emilyskyefit

Emily Skye (Emily Anderson) has been an absolute woman crush of mine since discovering her whilst on my travels in Australia in 2015.

Emily is a 33 year old, Australian fitness expert, model, extremely successful business woman and most recently a mummy to her beautiful daughter, Mia.

Emily Skye Fit Fitness Influencer

She has a no BS attitude to fitness, the fitness industry showing you all the real life vs Instaram angles, how she took control of her self confidence, stays physically and emotionally healthy, balanced and positive through the good times and the bad.

She is truly down to earth, has great humour and doesn't take herself or life to seriously, if you don't already we can recommend following her enough!

Carly Rowena Fitness Influencer