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Big glutes have become somewhat of a fitness Instagram sensation, they are now one of the most talked about aspects of my female client's physique when I ask what they'd like to achieve in their training.

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Throughout history you can see all manor of body type 'trends' that became fashionable and were replaced by something new. From the Flapper girl 20's and their slimmer frames, like Coco Chanel and Joan Crawford.

To the more curvaceous, hourglass shapes of the 50's and 60's like Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Fast forward to the present day and we have just left the tall, super thin, Kate Moss supermodel body trends of the 90's.

Now you can see a lot more influence from more hourglass shaped women like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian (although not 100% natural), so how can we get glutes like queen B, without the expensive and extreme surgery!

We see these body types fall in and out fashion just like our clothes, but the big glutes trend is something we hope sticks, not just for the aesthetics, but to help educate everyone from regular gym goers, all the way through to competitive professional athletes, how beneficial having strong glutes really is!

For now, however lets talk about how to build a big butt naturally.


First of all when looking to grow those glutes you have to accept your natural body shape. Though it is 100% possible to improve muscle mass and tone, you can only work with what you already have. So some people will find building the size of their glutes much easier than others!

Falling in love with your body and working on being the best version YOU can be is much more rewarding than wishing to look exactly like someone else. I'd love to have larger muscular thighs, but i'm more of a long, lean kinda gal and that's ok! I'll just work harder to improve what I already have.


If you are already training lets look at what you're actually doing to grow your glutes... most people focus on the 'squat booty' but as we've broken down in our previous blog 'Do Squats Make Your Bum Bigger? squats are a quad dominant movement, meaning they will grow more mass in the legs than the booty.


If you aren't directly working the glutes, then they will have no reason to grow! Similarly to if you wanted huge biceps, but you only did compound exercises like lat pull down, that won't grown those guns, you have to target them using isolation exercises like bicep curls. If you dedicate a day to each body part in traditional body building, split style training, why not have one specifically for the glutes?


There are so many benefits to having stronger glutes like better posture and making day to day activities like walking, standing and sitting easier, but we're not here to cover the benefits. So lets get into some of the BEST glute growing exercises.

1. Barbell Hip Thrust - Where would we be on our booty building journey with out the barbell hip thrust, created by 'The Glute Guy' Bret Contreras *we are not worthy!*. He is our go-to source of information for all things glute related, definitely worth checking out if you want to know all things glute related. If you get the hip thrust load and rep range right, you want want to be sat on the floor for your rest period, it'll be time to walk it off!

2. Barbell Glute Bridge - Similar to the hip thrust, but with a little less range of motion and even more intense, glute-focused burn, you can get a little heavier with this exercise.

3. Bulgarian Split Squats - With your rear foot elevated on a box/bench and a slight forward lean you can really increase the activation of the glutes, whilst working on individual leg strength. This ones a real quad burner!

4. RDL's (Russian Deadlifts/Stiff leg deadlifts) - This exercise can get you an insane amount of glute burn, ensure you can feel the stretch and elongation of the hamstrings, glutes, keep your chin tucked under and really focus on the squeeze of the glutes that the top for a good few seconds to make the most of this one!

5. Bent Leg Reverse Hypers - These are usually easier to execute in bodybuilding or crossfit gyms as they will have the specific reverse hyper benches, but it can be done on the end of a bench with body weight, resistance bands, or using a smith machine.


They are a huge muscle that has so much to offer, but you have to develop the mind to muscle connection first, before jumping in at the deep end and loading up with all the weight!

Wake them up, put them to work, improve all aspects of your strength and transform your body shape!

Remember all body types are beautiful, changing to become the best version of you can be the most positive thing and you should never be made to feel otherwise!

Equally never feel like you need to change your body to become one of the examples given in this blog post. 'You were born to be unique, not a copy.'

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