New Year , New Me?

As the festive season gets under way, you may start thinking about New Years resolutions that you plan to work on after that glorious Christmas Day (and boxing day through to NYE!) food baby.

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It may seem like a good idea to wait for the business and buzz of it all to pass before starting to work on yourself, but often the promise to ourselves to start on New Years Day, or the first Monday of 2019 is pushed back, delayed and soon becomes more difficult to begin.

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For me [@chloeoctaviarobinson] I have been consistently training for 3 years, so come Christmas Eve, Christmas day etc. I always make a conscious choice to get in the gym for even just 30 mins, especially on the days I know I'm likely to consume more food than I usually would.

To some this may sound like a crazy idea, but it's also the same advice I give to my personal training clients and I find it keeps them and me going with the better habits.

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When you eat food you are consuming energy for your body, so when you eat more food than you burn during the day you have extra energy to use and if your goal is to lose weight, the extra energy that isn't used, is then stored as body fat (check out our blog 'What is Body Fat?' to learn more about body fat!). That extra body fat is then usually what causes a portion of weight gain when you step on the scales after a few consecutive days of over consumption.

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However it is important to mention that the weight on the scales should not be your sole focus, as it isn't always an accurate measure of progress due to your total body weight being made up of; body fat, muscle mass, water, bone, internal organs etc!

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So in order to either maintain your current body weight/composition, getting in a little workout of just 30 mins on the days you (and I!) will be eating more food than usual, can be so beneficial and it also gets you feeling good and ready for the day ahead to spent with your closest friends and family.

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Start making progress towards your 'New Year' resolutions and goals in advance, if you are planning on joining a gym or getting yourself a personal trainer, start enquiring in November/Early December (or even sooner if you can!). Many gym's/personal trainers offer complimentary consultations, training programme samples and complimentary sessions. This will allow you to become familiar with training, chat to someone who knows how to help you reach your goals and give you as much information as possible to get you started on your fitness journey.

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Most importantly


Regular gym goers may moan and complain about gym newbies, taunting that they will quit at the end of January, forgetting what it's like to get started at the gym when trying to change your fitness and body. BUT that shouldn't be reason to stop!

Getting fitter, or losing weight isn't easy and that in itself is an indicator that it's worth doing, but if you are finding it hard and struggling to keep going, I cannot stress enough that asking for help and advice is so worth it!

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Remember that everyone in the gym is trying to do exactly the same thing as you, you aren't alone, not everyone in the gym is super fit, athletic and judging you. Your specific goals may not be exactly the same but they are just trying to work on themselves and be better too,

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