Best At Home AB Workout (NO EQUIPMENT!)


Despite being in lockdown, summer is still blooming and there's no reason to not work on your goals of sculpting that six pack you've been working hard towards!

Hopefully if you're reading this you'll know that good old saying 'Abs are made in the kitchen.' because it's 100% true! Without a low body fat percentage and being hot on your nutrition for most of us, a chiseled six pack can be pretty challenging to gain AND maintain.

But nothing is impossible! I always believe it's good to set ourselves these challenges and see what it takes to really takes reach that goal.

Don’t forget to SAVE these and add a few into your next workout!

  • 3x 1 Minute Plank

  • 3x10 Plank Push Ups

  • 3x10 Lying Leg Raises [Beginner - Hands under bum]

  • 3x15 Lying Leg Raises [Advanced - Hands by side]

  • 3x10 Deadbugs [Each side]

  • 3x15 Bicycle Crunches [Each Side]

  • 3x15 Straight Leg Crunches

  • 3x10 V-Ups

  • 3x10 Russian Twists [Each Side] [Beginner - Feet on floor]

  • 3x15 Russian Twists [Each Side] [Advanced - Feet elevated]

  • 3x10 V-Sit Crunch

We would recommend choosing 5/6 of these exercises and performing them in their noted sets x reps with around 1-2 minutes rest.

If you want to increase the intensity and are more experienced with exercise, you could perform the 5/6 exercises, back to back in a circuit format and rest after all have been completed for a fiery abdominal burn!

An abdominal circuit is a great way to finish ANY workout.


Side note from Chloe: "Back in 2016/17 I used to dedicate 2 days a week to training my abs 😱

If I’m honest it probably wasn’t necessary, but I just LOVED being in the gym ALL THE TIME (nothings changed 🤪).

Now with a little more experience and 3 years [presently] of Qualified L3 Personal Training experienced, I would now recommend adding a couple of ab exercises into each of your workouts, for the most training efficiency!

My favourite abdominal exercise has to be Hanging Leg Raises, what’s yours?"

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