How To Grow Your Glutes At Home!

Lockdown has the gym shut and our glute growing goals may feel like a lost cause....

But do not fear we have some epic glute growing exercises you can do at home, NO EQUIPMENT necessary!

The secret to any muscle growth is progressive overload, progressive overload comes in many forms and can still be achieved at home [wahoo!].

WEIGHT: Increased weight for the same amount of reps e.g; 3x10

REPS: Increased reps for the same amount of weight e.g; 3RM becomes 5RM

VOLUME: Able to do more sets with the same weight and reps e.g; 3x5 becomes 5x5

ROM (RANGE OF MOTION): Able to perform an exercise with better range of motion e.g; going from parallel squat, to below parallel.

FORM: Similar to range of motion, performing an exercise with better technique, more control, more depth or less momentum for the same number of reps/sets and weight.

EFFORT: The same weight/reps/sets becomes easier to perform.

CONTRACTION: Having a better muscular contraction during an exercise, better mind to muscle connection.

TIME: Performing the same amount of weight/sets/reps in less time.

TEMPO: Using pause reps, eccentrics and constant tension sets with the same weight.

BW (BODYWEIGHT) RATIO: Performing the same weight/sets/reps but having a lesser bodyweight.


You can see with these examples, whether you have a home gym to keep you going or are simply using bodyweight workouts, it is absolutely possible to keep progressing even at home!

Check the Youtube video where you will see me [Chloe] running through some epic single leg variations (a personal favourite for home workouts!), banded exercises for that extra burn and pause reps to increase the isometric power.

If you also have some weights, you could add these into a majority of these exercises to further increase the opportunity for progressive overload.

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