How To Repair Your Activewear

It's all too easy to just buy a new pair of your favourite activewear when they get a slight imperfection, like a hole in the stitching.

But that would add to the short lifespan of your activewear and contribute to Fast Fashion, so why not help fight the fast fashion trend;





Check out our video on how to REPAIR your activewear, a small hole in the stitch doesn't mean it's the end for your activewear!

Step 1

Locate the area where the stitching has pulled, or broken.

Step 2

With a needle and thread (make sure there's a small knot tied in the end of the thread so it's doesn't pull right through) hook the needle through the loop of the stitch, you may be able to see the original threads hole, if so thread the needle directly into there. If not try and place it inline with the intact stitches and of a similar distance apart.

Step 3

Skipping every other loop (it's difficult to get the need through the fabric and hook the loop from behind, so I chose to do the skipped stitches on return back towards where I started re-sewing) continue the process of Step 2.

Step 4

Once you have reached the end of the broken stitches, begin the same process working back on yourself to secure every other skipped stitch.

Step 5

Now you are back at the start of your repair use a backstitch to further secure your stitching.

Backstitch is a method of sewing where you overlap your stitch halfway along your previous stitch.

Step 6

After backstitching the length of your repair, all you need to do is end your stitch. To do this run your needle and thread back through some of your stitches, I did this a few times to ensure the thread does not come loose. This avoids any need for a knot!

Et Voila! You have just repaired your activewear, now when your turn your leggings back the right way round, it should look good as new!

We hope you found this video and Step by Step Activewear repair guide useful, please share with all your activewear loving friends!


Other things to note**

Our activewear is super strong and durable, but not invincible (if only!). If pulled up directly on the stitching it is more likely to break, for optimum longevity;

- Always pull your leggings up like a pair of tights

- Avoid putting the fingers onto the stitching

- Shuffle them up the legs

- Wash on an eco friendly 40 degree wash

- Do not use fabric conditioner

- Do no tumble dry

We always check our leggings for stitching faults before they are posted, so to avoid damaging your new purchase, always follow the above tip when putting them on.

If you have any queries on your purchase you can always contact us via social media @octaviaactivewear or via email

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